Anarchy USA as Rioters & Politicos Reject National & Cultural Sovereignty


In 2010 on Denver’s Peter Boyles Show (KNUS) GOP-PAC Chair Michael Steele admitted that there are “30 million plus” criminal aliens in the United States. That number is certainly lower than any sane person would come up with.

Pundits claim 40% of “11 million” illegals are visa overstays from the Middle East and Africa. [ ] however, if we search for earlier reports, it becomes clear that 20-40% of ALL Middle-Eastern & African visa holders, those who flood the airports every day, never leave.

“A 2003 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found “there is no accurate list of overstays” because not all departure forms are collected and not all can be matched to arrival forms.4 In 2001, according to the GAO, 20% of I-94 arrival records had no matching departure record. Mexicans and Canadians entering the country with Border Crossing Cards are not required to complete an I-94 unless they are requesting an extended stay. In effect, the government has a pretty good idea of how many people come into the country if they fill out one of the forms, but it does not have a full count of how many leave.” [ ]

The twenty year old canard of “12 million illegals” is absolute rubbish. Are we to believe that Bush secured the borders? There have been no visa overstays since the year 2000? The illegals already here have not pro-created?

I have worked for multimillion dollar companies that were 99% staffed by illegals….and none of them intended to leave, indeed, they were all waiting for the Amnesty that Bush or Obama had promised.
500K foreigners overstayed visas in 2015 alone!

U.S. Doesn’t Know How Many Foreign Visitors Overstay Visas

Border Patrol Looking To House Immigrants In Abandoned Warehouses Along Rio Grande

Study: All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants

McCain, Graham Open To Emergency Refugee Program For Immigrant Children

“Family reunification has long been a cornerstone of both American law and INS practice,”notes Doris Meissner, formerCommissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Immigration reform legislation promises expedited reunification for millions of families awaiting visas, but critics caution that the overhaul could also produce uncontrolled ‘chain migration.’

Pelosi on the Border: We Have to Use This ‘Crisis’ as an ‘Opportunity- ‘WE ARE ALL AMERICANS’…

Grover Norquist on Open Borders and Historically Racist Immigration Policy

“Historically, opposition to immigration in the United States has been racially and religiously motivated in the ugliest, nastiest way possible,” says Grover Norquist, President and Founder of Americans for Tax Reform.

Unaccompanied minors flood into New York City’s immigration court

Mozlims Praying


By Frosty Wooldridge
3, 2017

Last Sunday, January 29, 2017, “60 Minutes” featured Bill Whittaker reporting on a Syrian Muslim family landing in America to start a new life. The family, part of a 12,000-member family of refugees imported into America in 2016, enjoys unending welfare afforded by American taxpayers.

We’re talking millions upon millions of dollars spent to fly them over here, feeding them, housing them, educating them, giving them transportation, giving them medical care, paying for their utilities and more—with no end in sight as to welfare paid for by your tax dollars.

While their “puff” piece attempted to show our compassion, it failed to report on the enormous cost to American taxpayers in the decades to come: their birth rates, their chain-migrated relatives and their living on American welfare to the tune of billions.

All of that without report that American citizens taking a back seat to immigrants’ needs.

In fact, “60 Minutes” didn’t report on the horrific costs of saving those refugee families when our American families suffer much greater. Take these realities into consideration:

A whopping 48 million Americans subsist on food stamps and other welfare because they cannot obtain jobs. Every refugee that arrives displaces an American from a job. Every refugee that arrives costs Americans hard money out of their pockets with no return, whatsoever.

A mind numbing 60,000 to 100,000 military veterans lack jobs, lack homes and lack medical care in the United States. What about the needs of our country, our vets and our citizens?

One out of four African-Americans lacks a job at a living wage. Along with that, three out of four African-American children arrive out of wedlock and live with single mothers on welfare and entrenched in poverty. Why not “save” our citizens rather than refugees?

How about the fact that our country stands eyeball deep in $20 trillion of debt? How do you get your arms around the fact that Congress tries to save the refugees when it can’t save itself? We pay over $40 million monthly in interest of the national debt because Congress can’t and won’t act responsibly.

Do you realize that 13,000,000 (million) American children live below the poverty level with no hope of escaping the inner city projects? Is it too unreasonable to apply those moneys for refugees to our own children?

Today, Chicago stands as a killing zone for African-Americans with murders every day of the year and into the hundreds annually. Maybe we should take care of our citizens with jobs, housing, education and hope.

Why must we save the rest of the world while our own citizens suffer as much or greater than refugees?

While our cities face horrific infrastructure breakdown and our nation faces sociological breakdown and cultural displacement from endless immigration, at what point do we apply the brakes?

Now or 100,000,000 (million) more refugee immigrants by 2050? Reality check: the United Nations discovered that 100,000,000 (million) people of the world would love to immigrate to America tomorrow if they enjoyed a visa and plane ticket. Can we save the world?

Not a chance! Why are we taking in all those immigrants when we can’t take care of our own citizens’ needs? Why? Give me one reason that could stand the test of common sense for accepting and paying millions and billions for refugees. Our taxpayer dollars already pay out $113,000,000,000.00 (billion) annually for immigrants. (Source: When does that stop when you see our $20 trillion debt price tag?

At some point soon, we must stop all immigration. We can’t afford it and we’re deeply in debt, and it’s fracturing and fragmenting our country into ethnic group chaos, cultural suicide and environmental degradation. We can’t keep doing this to ourselves.

Write 60 Minutes and invite them to do a segment on American citizens being destroyed by refugees being imported into Americans: start with 9/11, Boston Marathon, Orlando, White Cloud, Garland, Ohio State, San Bernardino, Ft. Lauderdale, Dearborn, Miami, honor killings and more yet to come.

Email them:

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  2. I don’t trust Grover Norquist!

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