Twitter Has Gone Phishing!

Twitter  Disabled My Account After Posting a Blue Jay

Twitter has been “Locking” accounts en-masse and requiring users to provide their cell phone number to be “unlocked”. According to Twitter’s site, the phone number will be made public “for awhile”, This leaves a gullible public open to identity theft, twitter sales of private phone numbers, phone-solicitors, hacking etc.

Gone PhishingTwitter’s “Lock out” scam is nothing less than “Phishing” for profits.

The not-so-good folks (or “Automatons”) at Twitter have been in the news lately, and not for their humanitarian work (Ha, ha, ha, ugh!).

Twitter locks out Tor developer

Twitter Suddenly Locks Thousands Of Accounts

Mysterious Twitter issue blocks users’ accounts and forces a password reset for ‘security purposes’

Twitter accused of eavesdropping on users in proposed class-action

The mass harvesting of user’s private cell-phone numbers is perhaps the most serious and potentially dangerous of Twitter’s unethical practices.

The scam goes like this: Gullible Tweeter users are unexpectedly and arbitrarily “Locked out” of their twitter accounts with the bullshit excuse of  “suspected automated behaviour”,,,, according to Twitter’s “Automated, Robot (Bot)” !  No human review of the [thousands of] cases is allowed, just automated responses demanding the surrender of the user’s cell phone details. Here is a screen grab from the Twitter web-site.

Twitter Phishing-003“Others will be able to find you by your phone number”……or of course Twitter can sell your number to spammers or worse.  Using the Geo-Location feature in a user’s cell phone and reverse look-up, hackers can locate your home address and assume your identity for illegal purposes, all because Twitter has gone on a phishing spree!

If you hassle Twitter enough their robots will spam your email account with more demands to surrender your cell phone details:

Twitter responseOf course if you do not mind having your personal details revealed to Identity Thieving, Phone Soliciting, Bank Account Draining hackers.… none of this will bother you. For the rest of you, I’d urge caution when confronted by the demands of Twitter’s Automatons.

Me? I don’t have a cell phone. Security comes first in this household.

If you have been victimised by Twitter or any other brand of “Social Media”, please leave a comment about your experience!

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