Twitter Sponsors Attack Bots

Many people have suspected this for a long time.  It is apparent that the massed swarms of attack bots that have been used against Jews, Christians, Conservatives, Animal Welfare advocates etc. are actually SPONSORED by TWITTER. How else would hundreds and perhaps thousands of previously unknown twitter accounts (many only a few days or hours old) be alerted to attack en-masse an individual whose main interest is ornithology….BIRDS!

Personally, I have NEVER broken ANY Twitter “rules”…..yet I have, for the past several years, been locked out of my account every few weeks, followed by an apology and the unlocking of my account. Twitter always blames a “mistake ” made by their own “bots”.

This time my account was Suspended, thousands of wildlife photos deleted and almost two thousand followers removed because of the following tweet:

After the above response to Dan Bongino’s very benign tweet I was attacked by hundreds and hundreds of strange “Tweeters”, many with accounts that were a few days or even hours old. It was obvious that the Twitter “moderators” had orchestrated the attacks and appeals to Twitter to stop the attacks were rejected. I spent many hours blocking the attackers only to see the attackers replaced as fast as I could block the previous attackers.

The following is the text of my response to Twitter’s “Suspension” of my account:

At 11:40pm July 14 2018 my account was “locked”. The usual Twitter request for my phone number was requested. Because I am against the Twitter policy of Phishing their client’s phone numbers and publishing them, I waited until 1st July to try Twitter again. Now it says I am “Suspended” FOR NO LEGITIMATE REASON.

On July 14 2018 after responding to a tweet by Dan Bognino I was attacked by hundreds of strangers, many with accounts only a few hours old. I spent all afternoon and evening BLOCKING the attackers. (Obviously this can be confirmed by Twitter) I was attacked. I did the responsible thing and BLOCKED the attackers by the hundreds and Twitter has “Suspended” me in support of the attackers, many of whom were obviously using fake accounts only a few days or hours old.

I post mainly photographs of birds and have NEVER broken Twitter’s rules, yet possibly because I am obviously proudly JEWISH, Twitter locks me out of my account every few weeks….and then blames the lock-out on a “mistake” made by their “Bots”.

Twitter is clearly misusing my data for political and business purposes in violation of E. U. regulations.

If any HUMAN had bothered to investigate the lock outs…. it would be obvious that I am a victim of the same fake accounts that the U.S. and E.U. governments have accused Twitter of cultivating.

Anyone who reviews my case would come to the conclusion that Twitter itself is involved in the Fake accounts and attacks on innocent users who have been identified as Jews”, “Conservatives” etc.

Unlock my account and stop these unwarranted attacks against your clients.

While I have been unable to to access my account some of the Twitter Bot Attacker’s handy-work remain visible, even though I blocked many hundreds of attackers before being locked out by Twitter. (Click on the photo below)

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1 Response to Twitter Sponsors Attack Bots

  1. Thanks for the warning, Skip!

    BTW, I no longer use my AOL account. You can contact me via the email icon on the right sidebar at my blog. You know where that is, my good friend.

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