The Many Friends of Terrorist Gen. Qassem Soleimani

Angry crowds chant ‘Death to America!’

Iran Revolutionary Guard-Quds Brigade Gen. Qassem Soleimani was killed January 3, 2020 by an American missile.

Terror supporters throughout the Middle-East, Asia and North America are taking to the streets to denounce the targeting of Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

The American Congress and MainStream Media have taken to the “Tweets” instead.

It seems Terror Supporters are dominating the party that currently holds a majority in Congress.

We’ve published quite a few articles about the Iranian threat through the years.

Here is a sampling of past articles:

America the Vulnerable – “The Iranian EMP Threat”

Electromagnetic Pulses Could Leave A Country Without Power For Months

EMP AttackElectromagnetic threats such as strong solar flares or intentional nuclear blasts by terrorists could paralyze the entire power grid of a country for several months and possibly over a year, but the United States is not prepared for these types of dangers and the American government is not doing enough to cope with these threats. That is the main conclusion of several experts who testified before a Senate committee hearing entitled “Protecting the Electric Grid from the Potential Threats of Solar Storms and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)”.

The high electromagnetic radiation released by a solar flare or a nuclear explosion could weaken the country’s critical electrical infrastructure or even paralyze it alltogether. In order to deal with these risks, a cooperation should be established between government and industry, such as between the Department of Homeland Security and the Energy Department. But it seems that Washington has failed to act against the threat of EMP. A large part of this is due to policymakers as well as citizens not realising the extent of this danger and the catastrophical consequences likely to arise from an event of this magnitude. They cannot comprehend that the threat is just as real as the nuclear threat from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Nuclear EMP attacks are aleady a part of the military doctrines, plans and exercizes of all these countries’ new and innovative warfare which focuses on attacking power grids and important civilian infrastructure. These wars are called Total Information Warfare, Cybergeddon or Blackout Wars.

Will Israel Use An EMP Device Against Iran?

We all think that events such as these, which are “one in a century” can’t possibly occur on our watch, but they can, technically, happen next weel. Therefore, it’s important to act right now in order to reduce minimize the possible consequences from such an event and start finding ways of defending the electric grid as soon as possible.

Sure, it’s expensive and could cost several billion dollars, but it is sure cheaper compared to the economical impact expected in such an event. “The purpose of this hearing is basically to pull our heads out of the sand,” said Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing Chairman Ron Johnson. It is important to understand that this isn’t science fiction.


The Imminent EMP Threat to America

Obama Ignores Congress, Lifts Ban on Libyans Training in U.S. as Pilots, Nuke Scientists

North american reactorFeeling Safe? Well don’t!

  Many otherwise “concerned” citizens do not realise that North American universities and research centres, even the famous “Los Alamos Laboratory” in New Mexico, are staffed by Iranians, Saudis, Pakistanis  Egyptians, and other individuals from terror-supporting nations.

  Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Has the West learned nothing from A.Q. Khan’s “Islamic Bomb”?  (Rumour has it that Saudi Arabia purchased a stockpile of nukes from the Pakistani Government and a delivery system from China. Frustrated by the decades long U.S.refusal to confront Iran on their weapon’s programme, the Saudis have apparently decided to go it alone.)


  Intelligence agencies have confirmed Iranian tests of freighter-based ballistic missile launch systems that could put the entire U.S. in range of a devastating EMP attack. There is no reliable defence against such an attack. The only safeguard would be a massive, preemptive attack against Iran’s military forces and merchant fleet.

Russian "Club K" Container Missile System

“Iran has demonstrated the capability to launch a missile off a freighter. Iran has also purchased Russia’s Club-K missile system. The Club-K is a complete missile launch system, disguised to look like a shipping container, that could convert any freighter into a missile launch platform. The Club-K, if armed with a nuclear warhead, could be used to execute an EMP attack.”  Paul Bedard  Washington Examiner


Former CIA Director Woolsey warns of dangerous EMP threats to America

Former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey, led a panel discussion on Monday on the growing and imminent threat of a natural or nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) by U.S. enemies to the U.S. electrical grid and other critical infrastructures that are largely unprotected.

The event was sponsored by the newly established EMP Coalition, in coordination of the Center for Security Policy, of which Mr. Woolsey is the Honorary Co-Chair along with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Other participants were Ambassador Henry Cooper and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry.

Ambassador Cooper had led the strategic arms control negotiations with the USSR under President Reagan and served as the Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization under President George H.W. Bush. Presently, he is the Chairman of High Frontier, an organization dedicated to protecting the United States from nuclear attack.

Dr. Pry served on the Congressional EMP Threat Commission, as a professional staff member on the House Armed Services Committee and as an analyst in the CIA. He is now the Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, a congressional advisory board dedicated to national resiliency in the face of EMP and other threats.

In the little over an hour program, Mr. Woolsey warned that the sun can inflict localized EMP disasters, like the 1989 Hydro-Quebec geomagnetic storm that blacked out eastern Canada, causing billions of dollars in economic losses. He noted that a recent study by insurance industry leader Lloyds of London estimated that if the 1989 Geo-storm struck the east coast of the United States, 20 to 40 million Americans might be blacked out for as long as two years.

A rare geomagnetic super-storm, like the 1859 Carrington Event, would collapse electric grids and life-sustaining critical infrastructures everywhere on Earth, putting at risk the lives of billions.

“Scientists estimate that the world is overdue for another Carrington Event, and the Sun has already entered its solar maximum that shall last through 2013, when a catastrophic Geo-storm is more likely to occur,” Woolsey reported.

Mr. Woolsey also warned that an EMP catastrophe may also be imminent from terrorists and/or rogue states armed with nuclear weapons.

“North Korea already has nuclear missiles, Iran nearly so, and these two are actively collaborating. A single nuclear weapon detonated at high-altitude over this country would collapse the electric grid and other critical infrastructures and endanger the lives of millions,” said Woosley.

Woolsey also emphasized that the hundreds of electric utilities in the United States have thus far not acted to protect themselves from EMP, and cannot be expected to do so voluntarily as national defense and homeland security is a U.S. government responsibility. Woolsey urged that government regulation, by passage of the Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage (SHIELD) Act now before Congress, is necessary to protect the national electric grid.

Ambassador Cooper in the video warned that North Korea may already have the capability to make a catastrophic EMP attack on the United States. On December 2012, Cooper said, North Korea used its so-called Space Launch Vehicle like a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System – a secret weapon invented by the Russians during the Cold War to deliver a stealthy nuclear attack on the United States by orbiting a nuclear weapon over the south polar region, bypassing U.S. Ballistic Missile Early Warning radars (BMEWs) and missile defenses.

Furthermore, Dr. Pry warned that that a disturbing confluence of events suggests an EMP attack might be imminent. Pry stated that thousands of cyber attacks using computer viruses and hacking are probing the defenses of U.S. critical infrastructures, searching for weaknesses.

Pry noted that recently, in April, a sabotage attempt was made against electric grid transformers near San Jose, CA, that damaged five transformers with fire from AK-47 assault rifles.

The act of sabotage attack on the electrical grid was largely not covered by the mainstream media. The vandals also severed fiber optic cables which knocked out some 911 services.

All of the panelists endorsed the SHIELD Act and urged that the Department of Homeland Security develop a new National Planning Scenario focused on EMP, and encouraged other states to follow the example of Maine, not wait for Washington, but pass state initiatives to protect their electric grids from EMP now.

Obama Invites Iranian Nuclear EMP Attack On U.S


Report: Iran Prepared for Nuclear EMP Attack on US

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States


Iran Wants to Turn Off Your Lights

Can Iran Turn Off Your Lights? By Patrick Tucker 2:49 PM ET Online security company Cylance released a report last week showing that an Iranian cyber-espionage operation “Operation Cleaver” had successfully breached U.S. and foreign military, infrastructure and transportation targets. … Continue reading 

Obama Middle-East – Iran Nukes & Muslim Brotherhood

Barack Obama wins reelection: Mid East faces nuclear Iran, Brotherhood grip DEBKAfile Barack Obama has won re-election as President of the United States, according to all the projections of the Nov. 6 vote – albeit ahead of the final count … Continue reading 

Iran Nukes Threaten America Too

October 4, 2012 by Sarit Catz A Nuclear-Capable Iran is a Threat to America too! One of the most anticipated speeches of the United Nations General Assembly was delivered on Sept. 26, 2012 — perhaps coincidentally on Yom Kippur — … Continue reading 


Washington reportedly sends Tehran indirect message saying it will not back Israeli strike on nuclear facilities as long as Iran refrains from attacking American facilities in Persian Gulf Shimon Shiffer YNET, GLOBES, Intermountain Jewish News and AGENCIES According to the report, … Continue reading 


Iranian team to collaborate with US company on nuclear fusion project New Jersey company says it has permission for unique partnership to work toward the holy grail of energy sources Mark Halper A US company and an Iranian university … Continue reading 



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