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Obama and “The Peace Virgins”

    The decades old effort by successive U.S. administrations and the sock-puppet American media to legitimise the cult of Islam and it’s most extreme and notorious practitioners [i.e. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia] should be viewed as an omen of … Continue reading

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North Korea Hacked Sony? Where’s the Evidence?

The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy By Kim Zetter  (Wired.Com) Today Sony canceled the premiere of “The Interview” and its entire Christmas-Day release of the movie because of fears that terrorists might attack theaters showing the film. The … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust The MainStream Media

CNN Fake Newscast Charles Jaco was the CNN reporter famous for covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War. The first part of this video shows the stage set he was on, and he was clowning around with fellow CNN staff. The … Continue reading

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Egyptian Fatwa Foundation to Invade New York Subways

Egyptian Fatwa Foundation Launches Pro-Islam Poster Campaign in New York Subway Senior Muslim adviser urges restraint in response to recent anti-Muslim hate campaigns that denigrate Islam and Prophet Mohamed, calling instead for well-thought-out enlightened counter campaigns that reflect Islam and … Continue reading

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A Sissified Post-America

America’s Emasculation  By J.D. Longstreet  Canada Free Press Everywhere one looks in America these days, one finds cameras trained on him/her recording our every move. Not too long ago, I stood in a parking lot of one of the nationally … Continue reading

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Skip’s Indian Intellect

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Distribution of film to cease by 2013 in the US

Celluloid no more: distribution of film to cease by 2013 in the US A report projects movie studios will go completely digital in the near future. A recent report from IHS Screen Digest, a company that analyzes trends in digital … Continue reading

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