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A Worthless Piece of Paper

A Worthless Piece of Paper By Andrew P. Napolitano February 12, 2015 President George W. Bush was fond of saying that “9/11 changed everything.” He used that one-liner often as a purported moral basis to justify the radical restructuring of … Continue reading

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A Final Solution to The Franco-Islamic Problem

Leaked Al Jazeera emails reveal disdain for Paris murder victims Paris Shootings: MUSLIMS ARE RIGHT TO BE ANGRY Top Qatari editor urges Muslims ‘not to apologize’ for Paris shooting Study: Mideast Immigrants to US Pose Huge Security Threat “Islam is … Continue reading

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O’Bama’s Para-Military Forces: Not Only for Blacks

 Another victim of O’Bama’s para-military occupation forces……and he ain’t even black! Victim of Botched Ft. Bend SWAT Raid Gets Outpouring of Support By Greg Groogan, Special Projects Reporter  HOUSTON (FOX 26) – Chad Chadwick broke not a single law, but … Continue reading

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Obama Demands More Funding for Paramilitary Occupation Forces

Despite his much reported “concern” over recent police murder sprees, behind closed doors Barack Hussein O’Bama is pushing to expand his paramilitary occupation forces and tighten the choke-hold around the necks of a vanquished Post-American population. Obama’s Big Idea: Let’s … Continue reading

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