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Israel & Russia Defend The West From Obama’s Al Qaeda “Allies”

As we reported yesterday: “Israel is supporting Russian efforts in Syria with SIGINT and “boots on the ground” intelligence. Israeli special forces have guided Putin’s aircraft to their (CIA backed) terrorist targets. Israel also provides advanced satellite imaging to U.S. … Continue reading

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The Two Party Duopoly Is Strangling The Life Out Of America

ARE YOU MAD YET? By Chuck Baldwin In the poem, “The Masque of Pandora,” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has Prometheus saying, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Accordingly, the would-be gods in the GOP leadership in Washington, … Continue reading

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Obama Seizes Sole Authority for Defence

Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense The Senate Should Block an End Run on Nuclear Arms President Obama needs congressional approval if he wishes to further diminish America’s arsenal. By JOHN BOLTON AND JOHN YOO   Poised to join … Continue reading

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Remembering Beslan: The True Face of Islam

The Beslan school hostage crisis (also referred to as the Beslan school siege or Beslan massacre) of early September 2004 lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children), ending with the death … Continue reading

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A.Q.-Brotherhood in Syria Supplied With Tanks

Syrian rebels armed with first T-62 tanks The Syrian rebels’ Western and Arab sponsors have ratcheted up their military assistance by giving them tanks, 20 Russian-made T-62 tanks from Libya, debkafile reports. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave the … Continue reading

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Russian Subs in Gulf of Mexico-Undetected for Weeks

Silent Running Russian attack submarine sailed in Gulf of Mexico undetected for weeks, U.S. officials say BY: Bill Gertz August 14, 2012 5:00 am A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of … Continue reading

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