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Nashville schools to teach Arabic

So it begins…Nashville schools to teach Arabic Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 26, 2015 And, in case you didn’t know, Arabic is the number one language of refugees entering the US right now. From The Tennessean (hat tip: Joanne): Starting … Continue reading

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I.T. Companies: Waging War Against the Middle-Class

U.S. tech. companies are demanding more H1-B visas in an obvious drive to depress wages and facilitate export of American jobs off-shore. Our Post American media has been complicit in feeding misinformation and falsehoods about the H1-B visa programme and … Continue reading

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Jamie Dimon Must Go

More On J.P. Morgan’s Losses   The Financial Times – JPMorgan unit has $100bn of risky bonds The unit at the centre of JPMorgan Chase’s $2bn trading loss has built up positions totalling more than $100bn in asset-backed securities and structured … Continue reading

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Infosys Under Investigation For Visa Fraud An IT Professional Last week, a host of India computer consulting firms convinced the government to consider taking the U.S to the World Trade Organization for the added fines associated with H1-B visas that … Continue reading

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