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UN watchdog: ISIS using mustard gas in Iraq and Syria

We’ve been warning about this for many years. Read more in our archives And don’t miss this one: Dear Fellow Americans: Do You Have Any Idea What’s Being Done In Your Name In Syria? Posted on November 5, 2015 by … Continue reading

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Stop Funding Obama’s Genocide in Syria

“America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” Please stop the murderous rampage of Obama-McCain-Clinton-Petraeus “Allies”  

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The Ideology of Western Suicide “This is the day we lost our civilization”

SYRIAN INVASION OF EUROPE: A DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY By Frosty Wooldridge September 2015 NewsWithViews.com In the past week, Germany and Austria opened their doors to a human mob numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Over 350,000 Syrian … Continue reading

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Obama’s War on Israel: Another Stab in the Back

Obama’s War on Israel, a Very Dangerous Move. Israel has never, ever, threatened a nuclear strike against another nation, yet the Obama Administration is again stirring the moral equivalency pot, obviously to appease his “Iranian allies” and legitimise the Islamic … Continue reading

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Tell Obama: “Israel is not a Vassal State”

 Reagan & George H.W. Bush: “Finish Israel”   Obama Must be Told: Israel is not a Vassal State It is time to use the responses to accusations and slander that Jabotinsky and Begin wrote. In the midst of the hot … Continue reading

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Prosecute The Boycotters of Israel

Boycotting Israel is a Criminal Offence  Israel and Israelis have been bombarded by threats of economic boycotts for many years. Previously, U.S. politicians have been very careful not to be seen as supporting or encouraging international boycotts of Israel as … Continue reading

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A Realist’s Plan To Eradicate ISIS (The Islamic State)

The Only Solution To The ISIS Siege of Arab Lands Crucifixion in Iraq By Martin Weinstein Tel Aviv Israel Let’s be realistic, and let’s get serious. The only realistic solution to the growing jihadist siege of the Middle-East is to … Continue reading

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