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List of Prominent Republicans For a Hillary Clinton Presidency

List of prominent Republicans working against the U.S. Constitution, the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, opposing Trump & bank-rolling a Clinton victory!   The following is a reprint (excluding the footnotes) of the Wikipedia article List of Republicans opposing Donald … Continue reading

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Vote Hillary to “Rule The World”

We know the  American public have been beaten down and demoralised to the point of accepting their lot as a vanquished nation living under Corporate-Fascist occupation, and we have long suspected that the U.S. regime’s lap-dog E.U. loyalists have followed … Continue reading

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The Post-American Dictatorship

“We’re being fed a series of carefully contrived fictions that bear no resemblance to reality. The powers-that-be want us to feel threatened by forces beyond our control (terrorists, shooters, bombers). They want us afraid and dependent on the government and … Continue reading

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The Last Christmas in Post-America

Washington’s Blog We Just Enjoyed the Last Christmas in America by Charles Hugh Smith The end of rising wages = the end of mass affluence: we just enjoyed the Last Christmas in America (TLCIA). As unemployment topped 10%, the January … Continue reading

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Fleeced – “Wall St. Entitlement Nation” Rips-Off Taxpayers !

J.P.Morgan: Fish Rot from the Head By William K. Black The New York Times’ spin of the tentative settlement of JPMorgan’s latest myriad felonies begins early and runs throughout the article.  JPMorgan and Attorney General Eric Holder have reached a … Continue reading

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The Slippery Slope to Syria

The United States’ Slippery Slope to Syria by Isaiah Burkhart · March 11, 2013 · The U.S. policy on aid to Syria is tilting dangerously in the direction of military support. There are many who believe that the situation in … Continue reading

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Don’t Trust The MainStream Media

CNN Fake Newscast Charles Jaco was the CNN reporter famous for covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War. The first part of this video shows the stage set he was on, and he was clowning around with fellow CNN staff. The … Continue reading

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Romney Channels Bush’s Failed Illusions

Romney Channels George W. Bush’s Middle East Policy by Daniel Pipes October 8, 2012 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner Mitt Romney gave a generally fine speech today on the Middle East. Sensibly, he criticized the Obama administration for … Continue reading

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Administration: Bringing Tuberculosis to Your Town

Refugees with TB being readied to enter the US Posted by acorcoran on September 12, 2012 Readers, I just wrote a post where a federal contractor tells us ‘what is working with refugee resettlement’ and here we go I have the … Continue reading

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Texas Judge Warns “Possible Civil War”

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