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Blood Libel: “Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller Targeted by Feds”

The headline reads: FBI warns of next big terror attack Leaked document blames Fox, WND, Pam Geller for fueling militias The FBI Believes Militia Extremists Are Beginning to Target Muslim Institutions (The original FBI “Alert” can be found here: FBI … Continue reading

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U.S. Top Exporter of Islamist Leaders

U.S Now Leading Exporter of Islamist Heads of State By Kyle Shideler: Well the Syrian rebel factions have settled down to decide on who should be their interim Prime Minister, and shockingly the winner is a Texan (but not Rick Perry.) No, … Continue reading

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Does CAIR run the military?

Frank Gaffney’s course on Muslim-Brotherhood infiltration of the US government hits a nerve with Islamic world. Here is an Al Jazeera clip on the course thanks to ‘Halal Booze Shack‘. Clearly, this penlight of truth on the massive infection which is Islam … Continue reading

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