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A Flying Camel Apology to The Mega-Clergy of Post-America

Yesterday I left a comment on the website of two good Christian souls. These fine Christians (and they really are, I suppose) were up in arms about “The United Nations purposefully denying Christians visas to enter the US”.   Well, as … Continue reading

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Calling out the phony evangelicals who want to save Muslims before Christians

Another fine example of the Chrislamic take-over of the Post-American Church! 

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U.S. Churches Surrender to Islam

Daniel Greenfield has an article about Christian churches in the U.S. being surrendered to Islam. The Flying Camel is adding a few pictures of a historic  Jeffersonian church located at the corner of Pennsylvania and Branch avenues in Washington D.C. … Continue reading

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Chrislam Update: “Harlots In The Pulpit”

Theodore Shoebat, a tireless advocate for persecuted Christians,  has published an expose’ of the heretics that infest the Calvary Chapel® chain of “Church-Marts”. (Click on the photo below to view the original article at Shoebat.Com ) Long time readers of … Continue reading

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Canada Defies Anti-Israel Propaganda to Support Israel

Participating in a boycott of Israeli goods and services is a felony under U.S. Federal Law, In a country that routinely shoots citizens during traffic stops, uses armored personnel carriers and paramilitary shock troops to serve civil warrants, it is … Continue reading

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Chrislam Watch: Episcopal Church Does Ramadan, Praises Allah

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Clifton reaches out to wish Muslims a blessed Ramadan with their sign. Rev. Peter DeFranco took this step to show support for his Muslim neighbors. The Reverend even praises Allah. “You shall have no other gods … Continue reading

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Will churches boycott Israel?

Op-ed: With mainline churches increasingly anti-Israel, Christian-Jewish relations now at stake Giulio Meotti While mainline churches in America seem to be lining up these days to divest from Israel, the Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop condemned the boycott. “The Church does … Continue reading

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