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Hagel-Supporting Jewish Democrats Attack Rand Paul

If Israel comes under attack from its enemies, does the United States stand with Israel in terms of giving military foreign aid?”, Paul immediately responded, “Well, absolutely we stand with Israel, but I think what we should do is announce … Continue reading

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Why a Defense Secretary Matters

Why a Dim-Witted Defense Secretary Matters Much has been said, and rightly so, about Chuck Hagel’s dismal confirmation hearing, his noxious statements about Israel, his alarming attitude toward Iran, and his eagerness to gut the Defense Department. But what Dan … Continue reading

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Hagel: Deploy US Troops to Israel to Enforce ‘Palestinian’ Terror State

Hagel’s $160 Billion ‘West Bank’ US Troops Deathtrap Hagel, at Obama’s bidding, plans to send troops to Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) where they would soon be victims of Hamas terror. It’s in writing. An investigative report. By Mark … Continue reading

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The Hagel Confirmation Charade Continues

Are they McCarthyites in the Obama administration, too? By Andrew C. McCarthy The editors are spot on this morning in debunking the ludicrous effort of leading Democrats and their rabid media shock troops to portray Senator Ted Cruz as a “McCarthyite” … Continue reading

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Chuck Hagel: Manchurian Appointee ? Just Say No!

“There are very few people who have been this wrong about so many things.” Why would we trust Chuck Hagel’s judgment? ‘The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government’ (Defence Secretary Nominee Chuck “Wingnut” Hagel) By Jennifer Rubin , In looking for … Continue reading

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