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Donald Trump: “I Will support ISIS against [Christians &] Assad”

Trump has adopted the policy of Obama- Jihad John McCain – Hillary Clinton & ISIS Former DIA director: Obama’s Middle East policy is one of ‘willful ignorance’ MK Tzachi Hanegbi to IMRA: OK if Hezbollah fights rebels with tanks on … Continue reading

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The Best Terrorist Threat Your Tax Money Can Buy

       The Flying Camel and our “Boots on the ground” intelligence sources have been warning a painfully misinformed public of U.S. backing of the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and other terrorist factions in Syria and Iraq for years.  At a … Continue reading

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The Two Party Duopoly Is Strangling The Life Out Of America

ARE YOU MAD YET? By Chuck Baldwin NewsWithViews.com In the poem, “The Masque of Pandora,” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has Prometheus saying, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Accordingly, the would-be gods in the GOP leadership in Washington, … Continue reading

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Joe Kaufman Exposed Megyn Kelly Years Ago

FOX-NEWS CODDLES HAMAS-ASSOCIATED GROUP Posted on May 9, 2010 by thelastcrusade10 HOST MEGYN KELLY ASKS CAIR REP TO COMMENT ON RADICAL ISLAM, WHILE NEGLECTING CAIR’S OWN TIES TO RADICAL ISLAM By Joe Kaufman Americans Against Hate (AAH) thelastcrusade.org (New York, … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush: “A Buffoon & A Clown”

Obviously sweet little Jeb Bush thinks everyone is an idiot with no memory of his less than honourable history. The Bush family and the S&L Scandal

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Trump is Right: Criminal Aliens Are Protected Species

  Pyromaniacs in the U.S. government have set the Middle-East on fire once again. American politicians along with the MainStream-Media®, blame the victims, reporting the situation as a case of self immolation. “A mind-numbering 48 million Americans stand in line … Continue reading

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The Perfect Candidate: Donald Trump Is America

Could it really be this bad? Of course it could, and is. Americans outsourced their ability to reason and make decisions several decades ago. The residents of the once proud and vital U.S.A. have turned their backs on their Constitutional  … Continue reading

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