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The Post American Reality- “Progressive or Regressive”?

When Corrupt Politicians and Corporate Media Tyrants operate under a cloak of absolute immunity and only America’s “Peasant Class” are subject to consequences for their conduct and actions, the Republic becomes a relic of the past. Progressive Regression By Victor … Continue reading

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Stop Funding Obama’s Genocide in Syria

“America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” Please stop the murderous rampage of Obama-McCain-Clinton-Petraeus “Allies”  

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U.S. Backed “Rebel” Heads Islamic State Libya

Obama & Pelosi made it clear today that Israel is not their friend. Let’s review some of their “Allies” and “Heroes” in the region U.S. Backed Rebel Reportedly Leads Islamic State in Libya Kyle Shidele Major news out of Libya … Continue reading

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A Worthless Piece of Paper

A Worthless Piece of Paper By Andrew P. Napolitano February 12, 2015 President George W. Bush was fond of saying that “9/11 changed everything.” He used that one-liner often as a purported moral basis to justify the radical restructuring of … Continue reading

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Obama to Military: “Will you fire on American Citizens?”

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

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Islamic Post-America in Pictures : “We’ve Lost the Battle”

The “Beautiful People” brave the Boston Winter to Spew Hatred Against Israel Hillary Shows Her True Colours Arab NYPD Support & Defend Pro-Terror Groups During Israel Day Celebrations The Most Trusted Name in Brooklyn The First Time in History “Islam … Continue reading

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Depressing Headlines, Cheerless Reading

William Wilkins, IRS Chief Counsel, Testifies on Targeting of Tea-Party Groups. Claims ‘I don’t recall’ a staggering 80 times in full or partial response to the Committee’s questions,” Issa: FBI impeding inquiry into IRS targeting of conservative groups Boehner and … Continue reading

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