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The Post-American Dictatorship

“We’re being fed a series of carefully contrived fictions that bear no resemblance to reality. The powers-that-be want us to feel threatened by forces beyond our control (terrorists, shooters, bombers). They want us afraid and dependent on the government and … Continue reading

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The UN Is Not Your Friend

The United Nations: On the Brink of Becoming a World Government Though the United Nations is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of size and scope of operations, those who claim it’s becoming a global government are ridiculed. Who’s … Continue reading

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The Government is Not a Magic Box

Posted By Barry Rubin On March 27, 2012 Government, then, is not a referee but just another special-interest group. One of today’s biggest political and intellectual problems is the concept of “government” as an institution outside human logic, society, and … Continue reading

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