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‘Refugee resettlement’ and your town. Find out here.

Originally posted on BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!:
The enemy is at the gate, they lay siege to our walls, yet no one answers the call to arms!! Where are the Knights Templar, why are they not suited up…

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Is Israel in America’s Bombsights?

Are Kerry and Obama doing to Israel what was done to Egypt and Libya? July 9, 2014 — bunkerville Rocket attacks on Tel Aviv screams the headline on Drudge. Little coverage is being given to the Israel Palestinian conflict, with Jerusalem itself under … Continue reading

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Bunkerville: “The Disappearing Generals”

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades Last summer when I did my post:why is the government buying up so much ammo?  I started it off by saying, “Let me put my tin foil hat on today”. At the time, … Continue reading

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Gun Control? Recall Waco, Ruby Ridge

Gun Control? Recall Waco, Ruby Ridge By Bunkerville Now that “Fast and Furious” apparently didn’t do the job in achieving Gun Control for Obama and crew, a gift was given with the Newtown killings.For those of us who might be interested in the History … Continue reading

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Bunkerville: “Holder’s Message to La Raza”

Eric Holder’s message at La Raza: Amnesty, threatens States July 10, 2012 — bunkerville Talk about true colors showing. This fellow Eric Holder is a menace, and ginning up the Mexicans apparently is going to be his effort in keeping Obama … Continue reading

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