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Immigration Policy as a Weapon Against the Middle-Class

In the United States “Immigration” is an umbrella term that includes over a dozen ‘programmes” designed to import foreigners, many, if not the majority of whom, are from third world societies whose values are antithetical to those of the West……..and … Continue reading

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Fact sheet on asylum is very useful; largest number of ‘new’ Americans are Chinese

America’s largest border is it’s 350+ International Airports. 40% of “visitors” who fly into the USA never intend to leave (Visa overstay)and there is no mechanism to track the overstays. No matter how many criminal aliens cross the Mexican-US border, … Continue reading

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1,000 US Rabbis sign letter to “welcome” Syrian Muslims to America

A thousand American “Rabbis” can now boast of having the unique distinction of going to bed with Islamists and their whacked-out Aryan Nation-National Socialist comrades. Shame on every one of them….and even more shame on their congregants who have remained … Continue reading

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