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U.S. al-Baghdadi Raid Named in Honour of American Terror Supporter

In an effort to make the President seem stupid, Trump’s “advisors” and General Staff continue to feed false and ridiculous disinformation to their Commander in Chief. Whoever decided to name the al-Baghdadi Raid after Jew-hating, Jihad-loving, terror supporter and War … Continue reading

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U.S. Sides With ISIS Against Kurds & Syrians (Again)

 Here we go again.  While the residents of Post-America have allowed their “InfoTainment” Media to convince them that the U.S. is “fighting” the Islamic State, the rest of the world knows the truth….the American Administration continues to thwart regional attempts … Continue reading

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Surprise, Surprise! There Are Female Jihadis Too!

Spain breaks up online network recruiting young women for Islamic State The arrest of an online network accused of recruiting young women to join Isil comes as Europe tries to halt a surge in young people travelling to the Middle … Continue reading

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Obama’s M.E. Mission: Universal Chaos

The abject duplicity of the Obama Administration continues unabated, and the MainStreamMedia® continues to display a cowardice and subservience to tyranny  that should shame civilised man. For the past two months the Flying Camel has been publicising the Obama administration’s … Continue reading

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ISIS Praise For Jihad John McCain

We at the Flying Camel have published many an exposé of McCain’s activities over the years. Our Syrian and Iraqi Christian friends feel betrayed and friendless by the U.S. instigated chaos that has taken the lives of their loved ones … Continue reading

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ISIS-ISIL “New Caliphate” Forces Trained By U.S.

ISIS Trained by US Government   by Robert Pannier In a surprising development, it appears that the group known as ISIS (The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) may have actually been trained by the United States government. According to … Continue reading

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“Islamic Caliphate” Explained

What Does an “Islamic Caliphate” in Iraq Mean? Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi, Institute for Contemporary Affairs Vol. 14, No. 22    July 1, 2014 The newly declared “Islamic State” is trying to reinforce its battlefield achievements in Syria and … Continue reading

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