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Chrislam Update: “Harlots In The Pulpit”

Theodore Shoebat, a tireless advocate for persecuted Christians,  has published an expose’ of the heretics that infest the Calvary Chapel® chain of “Church-Marts”. (Click on the photo below to view the original article at Shoebat.Com ) Long time readers of … Continue reading

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Did 9-11 Drive Post-America Nuts?

Why does the world think Americans are bat-shit crazy? Because they’ve done their best to prove that they are the biggest collection nut-cases living today! The American response to the Saudi Muslim attacks of 9-11-2001 is proof positive that Post-America … Continue reading

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US to halt updates to Israel on Iran nuclear talks

BREAKING: US to halt updates to Israel on Iran nuclear talks in response to Benjamin Netanyahu speech plans Report: US to halt updates to Israel on Iran nuclear talks in response to Benjamin Netanyahu speech plans – Breaking News – Jerusalem … Continue reading

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The Language of Despotism

The Language of Despotism Bruce S. Thornton – New Media Journal July 3, 2014 Long before 1984 gave us the adjective “Orwellian” to describe the political corruption of language and thought, Thucydides observed how factional struggles for power make words … Continue reading

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Bin Laden Son in Law Capture Complicates Relations With Jihadis

U.S. Forces who are massed in the Kingdom of Jordan to direct the Syrian “rebel” (Al Qaeda & Muslim Brotherhood) forces, have captured bin Laden’s son in law. This will complicate relations with the U.S. backed Al Nusra and New … Continue reading

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Islamic Butchery in America

Islamic Butchery Manifests in America with Muslim immigrants   Written by Frosty Wooldridge Americans must ask themselves if Muslim-style “multiculturalism” fits into the United States of America.  Can our country tolerate beheadings, be-handings, female genital mutilation, arranged marriages of 12 … Continue reading

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“American exceptionalism.” Bowing to Islam

America – Worse Than Europe on Islam? Posted By Bruce Bawer It seems long ago. When I wrote my 2006 book While Europe Slept, I was confident that America was all but immune to the forces that were bringing Europe down. In the … Continue reading

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