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How many Americans will Obama’s Muslim migrants kill?

With the establishment and CIA funding of pro-terrorist “Barada TV” in 2006, the United States became the engine that has driven the Al Qaeda (Al Nusra), ISIS, FSA destruction of Syria ever since. With the able assistance of Barack Obama, … Continue reading

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Islamic Butchery in America

Islamic Butchery Manifests in America with Muslim immigrants   Written by Frosty Wooldridge Americans must ask themselves if Muslim-style “multiculturalism” fits into the United States of America.  Can our country tolerate beheadings, be-handings, female genital mutilation, arranged marriages of 12 … Continue reading

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200 Years of Islamic Terror Against America

Islamic Terror and the American Story Yoram Ettinger Islamic terrorism has been part of the American story, since the first (1801-1805) and the second (1815) U.S. wars against Libya, Tunisia and Algeria-based Muslim pirates. Anti-U.S. Islamic terrorism has been fueled … Continue reading

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