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Fmr. Israeli PM: The West Has It Wrong In Syria

So here we have it! Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak on Fox-Business echoing the analysis of The Flying Camel on what to do about the ISIS threat in Syria. As with yesterday’s Fox-News interview with Lt. General Tom McInerney, … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s U.N. Speech: “Palestinian Terrorists Bloody Response”

• Benjamin Netanyahu • United Nations Address • October 1st, 2015 • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his warning that the Iranian nuclear deal threatens to destabilize the Middle East and will make a war more likely. He cautioned … Continue reading

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Why The GOP Support the Iran Deal: “Follow the Money”

Why GOP Congressional Leaders Support the Iran Deal in Fact — Follow the Money By Andrew C. McCarthy ‘Why on earth would Republicans do that?” That is a question I’ve been asked at least a dozen times since illustrating that … Continue reading

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Meet The Circassians of Eretz Israel

The Circassians of Kfar Kama, Israel Now what was that about Israel being an “Apartheid State”?

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U.S. to give Tehran Nuke Technology – Refurbish Reactor

       For years now, we at the Flying Camel have been convinced that Obama’s goal in the Middle-East is replacing Israel with Iran as America’s chief ally in the Middle East and enabling it to develop nuclear weapons.  Sadly, … Continue reading

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ISLAMIC MEGA ALERT: ISIS Marches On Jordan, Israel In The Cross Hairs! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Originally posted on Adina Kutnicki:
(ISIS on the march to Jordan…a hop, skip and a jump to Israel…) ? AS exposed this week in a very revealing commentary, “ISIS-Monster (Iran Alike) Fed By HUSSEIN Obama: Knock-On Effects Of Illegal Libya…

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Will Obama Order Military Attack on Israel?

Will Obama order military attack on Israel? Exclusive: Tom Tancredo on potential Iran-defending action: ‘Who would stop him?’ Tom Tancredo Would anyone be surprised to see this headline in the spring or summer of 2016: “Obama orders U.S. military attack … Continue reading

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