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Tell Obama: “Israel is not a Vassal State”

 Reagan & George H.W. Bush: “Finish Israel”   Obama Must be Told: Israel is not a Vassal State It is time to use the responses to accusations and slander that Jabotinsky and Begin wrote. In the midst of the hot … Continue reading

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Did McCain Meet With ISIS Press Officer Abu Mosa ?

The Flying Camel has been publicising the Obama Administration’s “Republican Guard” (John McCain, Lindsey Graham et. al) and their involvement in the Benghazi fiasco and the covert transfer of heavy weapons to the “Syrian rebels” including ISIS for several years … Continue reading

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Hamas is Truly Delusional

The delusion of Hamas’ military wing By Shlomi Eldar Nine years ago, in the course of my journalistic work in the northern Gaza Strip, my photographer, a Gaza resident, Majdi Arbid, was injured by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fire. Arbid was … Continue reading

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Israel vs Hamas: The Final Confrontation?

Update and Analysis – Israel vs Hamas: The Final Confrontation? Posted on July 10, 2014 by Ilana Freedman, Editor, and Lisa Benson, Editor, the Lisa Benson Report Since hostilities between Hamas and Israel took a decided turn for the worse … Continue reading

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You Still Don’t Understand Islamism

You Still Don’t Understand Islamism, Do You? By Barry Rubin Z”L Around 2007, I gave a lecture at the Defense Department. One of the attendees presented a scenario suggesting that the “problem of Islam” was not political but a problem … Continue reading

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U.S. Top Exporter of Islamist Leaders

U.S Now Leading Exporter of Islamist Heads of State By Kyle Shideler: Well the Syrian rebel factions have settled down to decide on who should be their interim Prime Minister, and shockingly the winner is a Texan (but not Rick Perry.) No, … Continue reading

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Hagel-Supporting Jewish Democrats Attack Rand Paul

If Israel comes under attack from its enemies, does the United States stand with Israel in terms of giving military foreign aid?”, Paul immediately responded, “Well, absolutely we stand with Israel, but I think what we should do is announce … Continue reading

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