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The ISIS Threat: Mainstream U.S. Media Is Lying To You Again

Because of The Flying Camel’s position as Defence Analysts & Consultants, we monitor the international press, including television, radio, internet and print media 24 hours a day.. It is disgusting to note that the U.S. media without exception, deliberately misleads … Continue reading

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New York Times: Obama’s Pravda

“To Defeat Terror, We Need the World’s Help” New York Times John Kerry: The Threat of ISIS Demands a Global Coalition (Blah blah blah!) Coalition building is hard work, but it is the best way to tackle a common enemy. … Continue reading

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Kerry ‘capitulated’ to Hamas in Ceasefire Scam

Kerry ‘capitulated’ to Hamas in ceasefire proposal, say Israeli sources US Secretary of State John Kerry, third from left, stands with from left, Qatari Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, British Foreign … Continue reading

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The war that Kerry and Indyk began Gerald M. Steinberg One year ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, former Ambassador Martin Indyk and, in the background, President Barack Obama , set out on the latest quest to bring peace … Continue reading

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Made in Israel: Blue & White Technology”

Made in Israel — Technology So let the Boycotters incinerate their smartphones, computers, medicines and all the other products developed in Israel. By the way, boycotting or promoting a boycott of Israel is a serious offence under U.S. law…even when … Continue reading

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Another American Murdered in Libya, West to Send More Dollars to Regime

American Citizen ‘Killed In Benghazi’ Gunmen have killed an American citizen working at an international school in the Libyan city of Benghazi, news reports say. The attackers shot the American man, who was an instructor or teacher at the Benghazi … Continue reading

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State Dept. Boozing on Taxpayer’s Tab

BizPac Review Booze expenses at State Department leave taxpayers with mega-hangover While most of the federal government has been engaged in belt-tightening since the sequestration cut into everyone’s budget, it’s party time at the State Department when it comes to … Continue reading

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Brotherhood: Wives Cannot Charge Husbands for Beatings or Rape

“A husband must have “guardianship” over his wife, not an equal “partnership” with her” Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Women Stirs Liberals’ Fears By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK and MAYY EL SHEIKH CAIRO — During its decades as an underground Islamist movement, … Continue reading

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US names ‘pro-Hitler’ Anti-Semite & 9/11 Fan ‘Woman of Courage’

Michelle Obama and John Kerry to Honor Anti-Semite and 9/11 Fan “Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning.” On Friday March 8, Michelle Obama will join John Kerry at a special ceremony at the … Continue reading

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Kerry Gifts Muslim Brotherhood Another $450 MILLION

Sequester & Austerity for Post America……Handouts for the terrorists! US pledges $450m to back Egypt’s faltering economy The Brotherhood’s credo is, “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and … Continue reading

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