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ISLAMIC MEGA ALERT: ISIS Marches On Jordan, Israel In The Cross Hairs! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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(ISIS on the march to Jordan…a hop, skip and a jump to Israel…) ? AS exposed this week in a very revealing commentary, “ISIS-Monster (Iran Alike) Fed By HUSSEIN Obama: Knock-On Effects Of Illegal Libya…

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And Now Jordan: Set Up For a Fall

Jordan’s Next Leader? With Help from the U.S. Department of State by Mudar Zahran October 26, 2012   Al-Rantisi claims in his article that “The US government and its intelligence services will support the Muslim Brotherhood goals of coming to … Continue reading

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Jordan now warming up to the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt really is ground zero for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. There is a reason that Mubarak fell so quickly compared to Libya’s Gadhafi and Syria’s Assad. One of the … Continue reading

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