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When Europeans & Americans Join The Jihad

Pundit and Jazz singer extraordinaire Mark Steyn explains the “European” and “American” terrorists that President Obama, CAIR, Mainstream Media and our idiotic Congress keep squawking about while trying to pin the acts of foreign terrorists on law abiding American and … Continue reading

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Steyn: Benghazi to Big Bird

Mark Steyn: ‘Politicized’ Benghazi distracts from Big Bird By MARK STEYN “The entire reason that this has become the political topic it is, is because of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.” Thus, Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s deputy campaign manager, speaking … Continue reading

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Steyn on U.S. Police State Bureaucracies

The Paramilitarized Bureaucracies Mark Steyn via New Media Journal I flew in to Montreal from an overseas trip the other day and was met by a lady from my office, who had kindly agreed to drive me back home to … Continue reading

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Statism: Street Signs!

Street-Sign Statism National Review’s Happy Warrior Mark Steyn I’ve spent the last few weeks tootling round various parts of Britain and Europe, and, as always, it takes me a couple of days to acclimatize to local driving norms. I quickly … Continue reading

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The swingingest swinger on the Supreme Court,

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Swingin’ Kennedy By Mark Steyn March 31, 2012 4:00 A.M. Since the retirement of Sandra Day O’Connor, Swingin’ Anthony Kennedy has been the swingingest swinger on the Supreme Court, the big Numero Cinco on all those … Continue reading

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