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American Democracy” “For Export Only”

  After laying waste to much of the Middle-East and Afghanistan at the cost of up to one million lives, in a crusade to spread “Democracy”,  America’s political elite have made it painfully clear that “We The People” shall have … Continue reading

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F-22 and F-35: America’s Costly Boondoggles

F-22 and F-35: America’s Costly Boondoggles Are the Victims of Arrogance and Appeasement If you thought that canceling the White House tours in order to save the Federal Government $74,000 per week was desperate, what do you think about the … Continue reading

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Pressure from Weapons Industry Leads to Renewed Military Aid to Egypt

ALLGOV.COM Election year pressure from the U.S. weapons industry succeeded last week in persuading Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to release $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt by using her authority under a new law to waive a requirement … Continue reading

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