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American Democracy” “For Export Only”

  After laying waste to much of the Middle-East and Afghanistan at the cost of up to one million lives, in a crusade to spread “Democracy”,  America’s political elite have made it painfully clear that “We The People” shall have … Continue reading

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Ditto-Head Conservatives Seem to Believe in Nothing

This week-end saw the news channel muppets shocked and in tears about a comment made by presidential candidate Ben Carson.  On Sunday’s NBC’s Meet The Press, Carson was asked by host Chuck Todd : Should your faith matter to voters? … Continue reading

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GOP Autopsy: Addicted to Losing!

‘Autopsy’ Is the Right Word: RNC Releases Report on Party’s Future The Republican National Committee (RNC) has released its long-awaited study on the 2012 elections, with detailed recommendations about how the party can improve its future. The report, entitled the … Continue reading

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Stop the Madness! Leave Syria a Secular State.

We Never Lost Syria, Because We Never Had Syria Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 22, 2012 In the final debate it will be tempting for Mitt Romney to pick up the narrative being peddled by Syria interventionists that we … Continue reading

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Romney Channels Bush’s Failed Illusions

Romney Channels George W. Bush’s Middle East Policy by Daniel Pipes October 8, 2012 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner Mitt Romney gave a generally fine speech today on the Middle East. Sensibly, he criticized the Obama administration for … Continue reading

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Israel on the Ropes as US & NATO Pledge Support for Jihad

Israel intelligence: Jihadi Attacks from Crumbling Syria by Yaakov Lappin October 8, 2012 Al-Qaeda-inspired terror organizations cannot be deterred. Once Assad falls, the radical elements can raid Syrian military bases, arm themselves with a range of devastating weapons, and turn … Continue reading

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Oh No! Romney Sends McCain and Lieberman to Turkey

US senators in Syria mission for Romney U.S. Republican Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman have showed up in Istanbul for a reported “fact-finding mission” on Syria on behalf of Mitt Romney, the Grand Old Party’s challenger for the White … Continue reading

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