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Freedom or the Slaughterhouse?

“If Post-Americans ever removed their Seroquel infused spectacles, their emerald cities would fade into the drab, soylent green of reality.” Freedom or the Slaughterhouse? The American Police State from A to Z By John W. Whitehead July 14, 2015 “Who … Continue reading

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Obama to Military: “Will you fire on American Citizens?”

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

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A Sissified Post-America

America’s Emasculation  By J.D. Longstreet  Canada Free Press Everywhere one looks in America these days, one finds cameras trained on him/her recording our every move. Not too long ago, I stood in a parking lot of one of the nationally … Continue reading

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Political Conventions in The Police State

Police-state conventions By Theo Caldwell   2:30 PM 09/01/2012 TAMPA, FL — “They know better than we do.” This was the comment of a Republican attendee, surveying the massive security surrounding us at the GOP Convention in Tampa. What began … Continue reading

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Judge Andrew Napolitano on the TSA

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We need to expect more, or we will end up with less.

Every Move You Make How new surveillance technologies threaten privacy Jacob Sullum from the May 2012 issue “If you win this case,” Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer told the Obama administration’s lawyer during oral argument in U.S. v. Jones last … Continue reading

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Congress just deleted the Fourth Amendment

Congress just deleted the Fourth Amendment Sneak attack: surprise amendment makes CISPA worse, then it is voted and passed a day ahead of schedule. Congress just deleted the Fourth Amendment By Cory Doctorow In a sneak attack, the vote on … Continue reading

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