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Trust Hillary Clinton: “She Will Not Be Neutral When Dealing With Israel”

Hillary made the obligatory pilgrimage to the AIPAC (Israel supporters) convention yesterday.  It was sickening to watch a room full of American Jews sit quietly as one of America’s most outspoken Jew-haters lied to their collective faces! Shame on them! … Continue reading

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Chrislam Update: “Harlots In The Pulpit”

Theodore Shoebat, a tireless advocate for persecuted Christians,  has published an expose’ of the heretics that infest the Calvary Chapel® chain of “Church-Marts”. (Click on the photo below to view the original article at Shoebat.Com ) Long time readers of … Continue reading

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Obama’s War on Israel: Another Stab in the Back

Obama’s War on Israel, a Very Dangerous Move. Israel has never, ever, threatened a nuclear strike against another nation, yet the Obama Administration is again stirring the moral equivalency pot, obviously to appease his “Iranian allies” and legitimise the Islamic … Continue reading

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Obama’s “Moderate” Rebels Take the Money & Run

US Syria policy in tatters after favoured ‘moderate’ rebels disband The Hazm movement had been seen as the ‘poster boy’ of the moderate opposition Washington hopes can be trained to oust President Bashar al-Assad Ian Black Middle East Editor US … Continue reading

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Protecting the Mullahs: Obama to Fire On Israeli Aircraft

The US has consistently sided with their own enemies against the tiny State of Israel. They have done this for monetary reasons and they have done this because of the ingrained anti-Semitism of the US Leadership. US Israeli relations are … Continue reading

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