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Is The GOP Fueling The Clinton Machine?

No one who has been paying attention to the farce that is “American elections” should be surprised when it turns out [again] that the GOP has been feeding their own candidates to the fascist “Clinton War Machine”. It’s happened before, … Continue reading

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Will Obama Order Military Attack on Israel?

Will Obama order military attack on Israel? Exclusive: Tom Tancredo on potential Iran-defending action: ‘Who would stop him?’ Tom Tancredo Would anyone be surprised to see this headline in the spring or summer of 2016: “Obama orders U.S. military attack … Continue reading

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Obama’s Shameful War on Youth Apr 30th, 2012 by TMH By: Tom Tancredo Gulag Bound President Obama’s taxpayer-financed re-election campaign roared into Colorado last week after tax-payer financed stops in North Carolina, Iowa and elsewhere. But give the man credit: … Continue reading

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MoveOn: Saying Word “Illegal” a Hate Crime?

MoveOn: Saying Word “Illegal” Immigrants “Fits Definition Of A Hate Crime,” Could Lead To Murder… TOM TANCREDO SAYS: Silly me, I always figured it was used to describe someone who is in America illegally.

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