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U.S. Government to Charge Vets for Return of Constitutional Rights

The Flying Camel has consistently decried the mistreatment returning American veterans receive from the agencies of the government they served and a disinterested U.S. society that has all the time in the world to celebrate transgendered Athletes, and very little … Continue reading

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O’Bama Administration Slaps Combat Veterans on the Face

Can you hear that “klink, ting ting”? That’s the sound of US Combat Veterans tossing their medals into garbage bins.  Those who have suffered from the effects of Air Conditioning and late delivery of American fast food are finally recognised … Continue reading

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China Flies New Stealth Fighter as Problems Plague U.S. Jets China’s second J-20 stealth fighter. The second copy of China’s stealth fighter prototype has just flown at a research facility in the city of Chengdu. The first flight of the … Continue reading

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