What China Joe intends to do to this vanquished nation.

Gun control first for Biden executive orders.

(Please click on the highlighted text to refresh you memory of American politics)

by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist | 

While he calls his plan one aimed at ending “gun violence,” most of Biden’s ideas amount to limiting what people can buy or have. For example, he wants to end the sale of AR-15-style firearms (the most popular in the nation), regulate those that people already have, and limit the size of magazines those guns use.

China Joe Promises Blanket Amnesty for millions of Aliens.

China Joe promises to fulfil the GOP’s fondest wish….Blanket Amnesty for up to 100 Million criminal aliens, thereby making the traditional population of the United States a hapless minority in the sea of 3rd world savages that are destined to rule the former Republic.

Joe Biden promises to repair America’s alliance with the Islamic world

Nuclear Spy Abdul Qadeer Khan – Father of the Islamic Bomb

Praise for America’s Mujahadin allies

Joe Biden will squander American resources and raise taxes for everyone!

Joe Biden and the Demoncrats have set out to destroy the United States knowing that when they note their plans have been shared by revered GOP icons such as Ronald Reagan, G.H.W.Bush, Dubya Bush and all those who continue to worship those presidents as deities……………..all criticism will cease.

America’s future?

A vanquished nation, under cruel occupation.



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