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U.S. Backed Terrorists Rape Syrian Child

From Raymond Ibrahim Syrian Child Raped and Brutalized by Jihad According to the “Largest Syrian Christian Group on Facebook,” the above is a picture of a young girl in Syria, before (L) and after (R) the U.S.-sponsored jihad reached her. … Continue reading

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News From the Post-American Republic of Draconia

The grifters and sell-outs in D.C. are intent on destroying the [Post] American Middle-Class by flooding the country with scores of millions  of America-haters, criminals and dedicated scofflaws.  I urge every concerned American to educate themselves about the situation as … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Tyranny Update!

Tyranny Update! Has Fighting Terrorism Turned the U.S. into a “Post-Constitutional” Country? “One by one, the tools and attitudes of the war on terror, of a world in which the “gloves” are eternally off, have come home,” Van Buren wrote. … Continue reading

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