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New Israeli Life Saving Medical Technology

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Israeli surgeons save the lives Palestinian children

Israeli surgeons save the lives Palestinian children as Hamas continues its rocket assault on Israel by Barbara Kay National Post Yesterday, 13 Palestinian children from Gaza and the West Bank arrived at Israel’s Wolfson Medical Center in Holon (near Tel Aviv) to … Continue reading

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Poverty in America: What You Should Know

21 Statistics About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Everyone Should Know Michael Snyder April 5th, 2013 Economic Collapse Blog If the economy is getting better, then why does poverty in America continue to grow so rapidly?  Yes, … Continue reading

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Why doctors are more dangerous than guns

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African monkey meat that could be behind the next HIV Deep in Cameroon’s rainforests, poachers are killing primates for food. Evan Williams reports from Yokadouma on a practice that could create a pandemic Evan Williams Friday, 25 May 2012 Deep … Continue reading

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Drug-Defying Germs From India

Note: Neither Skip V. Patel or any of his I.T. associates, have anything to do with “Super-Bugs” Drug-Defying Germs From India Speed Post-Antibiotic Era By Jason Gale and Adi Narayan – May 7, 2012 Bloomberg Markets Magazine Lill-Karin Skaret, a … Continue reading

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Puchero or Olla Andalúz Single Malt Edition

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What’s For Lunch?

Healthy Dinner – Grilled Chicken and Asparagus READ THE RECIPE HERE, AND LIVE HEALTHY, LIVE LONG

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