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Netanyahu’s U.N. Speech: “Palestinian Terrorists Bloody Response”

• Benjamin Netanyahu • United Nations Address • October 1st, 2015 • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his warning that the Iranian nuclear deal threatens to destabilize the Middle East and will make a war more likely. He cautioned … Continue reading

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Let’s not bring 50,000 Syrians to Detroit, it is a dumb idea!

    The politicians and MainStreamMedia are publicly scaring the hell out of the citizenry with predictions of an ISIS attack within the United States….and all the while, they are impregnating America with Muslims sympathetic to the Islamist cause.(And by the … Continue reading

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Obama’s M.E. Mission: Universal Chaos

The abject duplicity of the Obama Administration continues unabated, and the MainStreamMedia® continues to display a cowardice and subservience to tyranny  that should shame civilised man. For the past two months the Flying Camel has been publicising the Obama administration’s … Continue reading

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Hamas is Truly Delusional

The delusion of Hamas’ military wing By Shlomi Eldar Nine years ago, in the course of my journalistic work in the northern Gaza Strip, my photographer, a Gaza resident, Majdi Arbid, was injured by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fire. Arbid was … Continue reading

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Obama Budget “Funding Global Tyranny”

Obama Budget Super-sizes U.S. Funding for UN, Global Military “The 2015 budget request also seeks almost $50 billion for unconstitutional “foreign aid” via just the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which is used to bribe foreign powers” The UN … Continue reading

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News From the Post-American Republic of Draconia

The grifters and sell-outs in D.C. are intent on destroying the [Post] American Middle-Class by flooding the country with scores of millions  of America-haters, criminals and dedicated scofflaws.  I urge every concerned American to educate themselves about the situation as … Continue reading

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Arab Spring Update: U.N. Troops Flee to Israel for Protection

8 UN troops abandon Syria post, march to Israel Peacekeepers ordered by their commander to leave post in Syria for fear of additional kidnappings; IDF soldiers meet them at border crossing Yoav Zitun Two days after 21 Filipino UN peacekeepers … Continue reading

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Syrian Rebel Terrorist Finds Paradise

A Syrian Rebel (One of McCain’s Heroes) shows us how it’s done. Although America is providing the guns, at least we know they haven’t any good shooters: H/T  Theodore Shoebat

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The UN Is Not Your Friend

The United Nations: On the Brink of Becoming a World Government Though the United Nations is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of size and scope of operations, those who claim it’s becoming a global government are ridiculed. Who’s … Continue reading

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Video: Netanyahu’s Speech at The U.N. 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew his “red line” for Iran’s nuclear program on Thursday despite a U.S. refusal to set an ultimatum, saying Tehran will be on the brink of a nuclear weapon in less than a year. By … Continue reading

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