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O’Bama/DHS “Xmas Terror Release Spree”

Christmas has arrived early for jailed terrorists in the U.S. this year as the O’Bama administration goes on a terror-release spree! Two terrorists set free into U.S. by Homeland Security Department U.S Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson acknowledged that his … Continue reading

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Number of Illegals Being Sent to U.S. Cities: 292,000

New York Times Leaks True Number of Illegals Being Sent to U.S. Cities: 292,000  As federal officials have begun to send the expected 240,000 migrants and 52,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border illegally in recent months in the … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading- Obama’s Post America

The ATF Wants ‘Massive’ Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are By Robert Beckhusen The ATF doesn’t just want a huge database to reveal everything about you with a few keywords. It wants one that can find out … Continue reading

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Fast & Furious: More Victims Found, More Lies From Holder

Fast and Furious back in headlines as Univision reportedly finds more victims Spanish-language television network Univision plans to air a television special that it said reveals more violence than previously known, as well as the stories of how many more … Continue reading

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DHS bought 700 pounds of ammonium nitrate

Why did DHS buy 700 pounds of ammonium nitrate (the stuff of terrorist bombs)? I don’t know the answer, but Timothy Birdnow asks the question in his article about the U.S. government conducting exercises featuring a simulated attack on Minneapolis … Continue reading

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Post America: A Vanquished Nation Under Occupation

ICE Directive Describes Policies Governing Homeland Security’s “Special Response Teams” When both of the men, as well as Flores’ youngest son, had all been handcuffed and taken outside, the shooting continued despite the fact that there was no one left … Continue reading

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Border Patrol union blasts Homeland Security instructions to ‘run away’ and ‘hide’ from gunmen By Perry Chiaramonte Border Patrol agents in Arizona are blasting their bosses for telling them, along with all other Department of Homeland Security employees, to run … Continue reading

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Senior Homeland Security staffers have no law enforcement experience By Matthew Boyle President Barack Obama’s Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, has presided over the hiring of at least four senior staffers and advisers who have no law enforcement experience but … Continue reading

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Russia’s Million Dollar Hackers Few nationalities are as good at making money from hacking than the Russians. Their share of the global cyber crime market, an estimated $12.5 billion black market, doubled last year to $4.5 billion, according to Moscow-based … Continue reading

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Schneier on new TSA data

Schneier on Security A blog covering security and security technology. TSA Behavioral Detection Statistics Interesting data from the U.S. Government Accountability Office: But congressional auditors have questions about other efficiencies as well, like having 3,000 “behavior detection” officers assigned to … Continue reading

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